Is your wine product vegetarian/vegan friendly?

While the majority of our ingredients are Kosher, we cannot guarantee 100% are plant-based.

Is your wine 100% chemically identical to traditional wine?

No. Traditional wines contain hundreds of molecules. Many of those have positive effects on the aroma and flavor while some have no effect. Still, other molecules have negative effects. Our wines are free of the molecules that have no effect or a negative effect on wines.

Is your wine "synthetic"?

Synthetic is a loaded word that doesn't describe our wine. We prefer Wine 2.0. Our method may be non-traditional, but it ensures we have complete control over our product. The control means our wine has all the great things about wine without any of the negatives.

Are these ingredients safe?

All of our ingredients are food grade. We carefully control the ingredients list and quantities. Drinking alcohol of any kind comes with inherent danger, but there is no distinction between drinking our wine or any other wine.