What’s Inside #WineWednesday: Sotolon

Have you heard that saying:

 Image Source: Red Panda Wall Stickers

Image Source: Red Panda Wall Stickers

Using that reasoning…

Today’s #WineWednesday molecule is known for its maple syrup/caramel smell. That makes it a breakfast necessity. So, wine is breakfast?

We’ll go with it…

Our sommeliers and scientists have uncovered hundreds of molecules (read: ingredients) in wine that add to the overall smell, taste, color and experience of your wine. Once we find the ingredients, we find exact molecules from other sources to recreate your delicious wine molecule by molecule.

Thus, with our technologies and processes at Ava Winery, we can reproduce that $10,000 bottle of wine at a fraction of the cost and even tell you that the molecules inside are some of the same ones found in your breakfast of champions. (We mean the pancakes and syrup, not the bottle of wine.)

Facing the Science

We know molecule names are a foreign language to most. So we’re here to show you these molecules (remember, ingredients) are the exact same molecules in your Napa Valley wine, your maple syrup, and Monday morning cup(s) of coffee.

So, what’s in #WineWednesday:

 Image Source:  @AvaWinery

Image Source: @AvaWinery

Chemical Name: Sotolon
Class: Lactone
Smell: Maple Syrup
Color: Colorless

Uses: Sotolon is an extremely powerful aroma compound that smells different at differing concentrations. At high concentrations, it smells like one of our favorite dinners: curry. But at lower concentrations, which are more frequent, it smells like some of our favorite breakfast necessities: maple syrup and caramel — bananas foster anyone?

Where it’s found in nature: Sotolon is found most readily in fenugreek seeds that are native to the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and western Asia. The seeds are used in cooking, to make medicine, or even eaten as vegetables in India. Additionally, sotolon is found naturally in coffee, molasses, aged rum and sake, and roast tobacco.

Maple Syrup

Product Goods: Sotolon has such an enticing aroma that manufacturers have used it in banana, cinnamon, mango, pina colada, vanilla and toffee flavorings. And yes, we can thank sotolon for the smell of Fall in our Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The smell is so enticing that artificial maple syrup manufacturers add it to our traditional pancake pairing for an extra dose of that delicious smell.