What's Inside #WineWednesday: Nerol

The taste of summer- what exactly is it?

Is it watermelon flavored because of the countless slices you consume during summer months? Or maybe it’s more citrusy like grapefruit or oranges because of the frozen popsicles you enjoy guilt free during Summer? Or maybe it’s simply saltwater flavored reminiscent of the ocean waves that you floundered in as a child.

If we were forced to complete the impossible task of summing up the taste of summer into one molecule, it would be this week’s #WineWednesday molecule: Nerol. With it’s undeniably summer fragrance, it’s the perfect additive for your summer treats from ice cream to wine!


Molecule Name: Nerol
Class: Monoterpene
Smell: Fresh Roses
Appearance: Colorless Liquid

Uses: Nerol is so distinctively summer scented that it used as a fragrance additive for scents including citrus, lavender, peach, roses, watermelon, mango, and even flavors called “Ocean Sea Breeze” or “Florida Breeze.” And if those scents weren’t enough to create the smell of summer for you, another scent that Nerol is used to help create is called “Joy,” because who can deny that summer is full of Joy-scented moments?  

Found in nature: If you use essential oils to evoke different atmospheres, Nerol is a molecule you may be familiar with. Found in many essential oils like lemongrass, jasmine, and lavender, there’s a good chance Nerol has made an appearance in your oil diffuser once or twice. Not into essential oils? No problem, Nerol has likely made an appearance in your house, as well as it is found naturally in blood oranges, currant, and plums. Not into the healthy stuff? Again, no problem! Nerol is also found naturally in hops, so that crisp beer you’re drinking while grilling on summer nights is full of our summer molecule!

Product Uses: We learn a lot from Mother Nature, like how to make our daily essentials smell irresistible. Nerol is used to scent everything from baking good, fruit ices, and puddings, to laundry detergents and personal care products. And we’d be crazy to not learn from Mother Nature herself how best to repel insects. Nerol is a natural mosquito, ant, and fly repellent you’ll likely find in your handy bottle of repellent that is necessary for the summer months.