What’s Inside #WineWedensday: Phenethyl Alcohol

Planning a romantic evening? Let us introduce you to the simple aromatic molecule phenethyl alcohol. This molecule is going to be your MVP for the evening. From a dozen roses or a single red rose to scattered rose petals or spritzed rose perfume, phenethyl alcohol is guaranteed to help you set the stage for your romantic evening.

Whether you’re using roses or essential oils to create a summer romance scent, drinking wine or bubbles with your romantic dinner, or using a new soap or lotion for relaxation, phenethyl alcohol uses its floral odor to scent them all to perfection.

PS- free tip: don’t forget the rose petal chocolate bar for the cherry on top of your perfect evening.

So, what’s in #WineWednesday:

Chemical Name: Phenethyl Alcohol
Class: Alcohol
Smell: Floral, roses
Color: Colorless

Uses: Phenethyl alcohol is used to create sweet scents and flavors. The smell of rose? The hint of rose in your drink? The floral scent you spritz? The sweet after note in your glass of wine? All of these are thanks to the presence of the naturally occurring phenethyl alcohol.

Where it’s found in nature: Phenethyl alcohol is found in abundance in nature: from, you guessed it, roses and rose oils to bleu cheese and mushrooms to strawberries. Sweeter fruits like apples, peaches, plums and apricots contain the aromatic alcohol. And plenty of tea leaves are filled with the alcohol molecule that blossoms when steeped. Phenethyl alcohol is also naturally found in your Napa Valley, Italian and Ava Winery wine.

Product Goods: Because of its irresistible smell, cosmetic companies use phenethyl alcohol as one of the main fragrance molecules. You can find it everywhere from you hair care and makeup products to your lotion and soaps. It’s also found in key essential oils including rose, carnation, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, and neroli inspiring relaxation, renewed energy and unbeatable focus. It’s so enticing that cigarette companies even use it as an additive. Think we only smell it? Think again. Phenethyl alcohol is found in countless beverages, chewing gum, and candies we consume regularly.