Out-of-This-World Wine Pairings

“There are insufficient superlatives in the English language — or any language, for that matter — to adequately describe the experience of a total solar eclipse,” raves Bill Kramer, a retired computer engineer and self-proclaimed “Eclipse Chaser.”

In what will be most American’s first total solar eclipse, the day will turn to night for a moment on August 21, 2017. Some seasoned eclipse chasers and amateurs alike will have traveled hundreds of miles to experience the “Great American Eclipse.” Others are lucky enough to simply step out of their back door – we’re looking at you Carbondale, Illinois.



Whatever the case, this event of cosmic proportions will last just 94 minutes and be visible from Oregon to South Carolina- for the first time since 1918. Darkening skies and cooling the climate for a little over two minutes, spectators will watch (through special protecting sunglasses) history being made.

And while you might be awestruck by the umbra, we at Ava Winery know that science celebrations of this caliber deserve a giant cheers to with wine made for the occasion. So here are our top three total solar eclipse and wine pairings for the 2017 total solar eclipse.



We all know the saying goes, “Rosé all day,” but we think Domaine des Carabiniers 2015 “Lunar Apogé” Tavel is the perfect fit for a day of sunshine and, dare we say, moonshine. Celebrate pre-total eclipse as anticipation builds for the moon and sun to align just right. With its refreshing qualities and tastes of dry, red fruits with hints of dark berries, this bottle will complement the sun, warmth and anxiety of pre-total solar eclipse.

Think ahead and pop open this bottle of Fleury Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut from France to cheers to the total eclipse during the two minutes of darkness. As you’re watching the moon pass by creating the perfect shadow to drown out daylight, know that you are in the exact place at the exact time drinking a champagne that was grown to perfection using the same celestial principles.

Fleury considers subtle influences from the moon phases as well as from the wider cosmos when planting and tending to their delicious grapes. Cheers to an event that is out-of-this-world with a glass of champagne that tastes of gold-tinged with lemon, red apple, butterscotch, and a hint of sea salt that is made relying on those out-of-this-world calendar events.

And just like that, almost within a blink of an eye, the total eclipse will be a thing of the past. However, don’t let the celebration of history made stop. Pop open a bottle of Acquiesce 2016 Viognier from Lodi, California. The grape has a very narrow period of perfection where it can be picked at prime ripeness. If you don’t catch it in time, you’ll miss the joys of this wine. (Sound familiar? Take a wrong turn or long yawn and you might miss those two minutes of total solar eclipse!)

Once opened, this bottle emphasizes floral flavours and are crisper than average to put the period on the end of a historic day since there’s no way you’ll be missing this total eclipse.