#TastyTuesday: Arneis

#TastyTuesday is used around the world to highlight our local doughnut shop with the most delicious doughnut chimney, the ice cream parlor with smoking ice cream, or the nearby market with Instaworthy fresh produce. And now, we’re using it to highlight the lesser known grapes that deserve some limelight - the comeback grapes if you will.

Once the underdog of the wine world used to steer birds away from the prized Nebbiolo grapes of the Piedmont region in Italy, this little known white grape, Arneis, is truly a grape worth cheering on. Named Arneis, meaning “little rascal,” because of how difficult it is to grow and often times referred to as “Nebbiolo Blanc” because of its role in softening the popular red wine Nebbiolo, this #TastyTuesday is dedicated to telling the story of the Italian white grape slowly but surely making a name for itself.

Arneis is still grown most heavily where it was originally planted - areas of Piedmont, Italy. However, this little rascal is appealing to other regions including Victoria, Australia; New Zealand; and small amounts in the United States in California and Oregon.

Ripening in late September, Arneis is fresh and dry with hints of floral and citrus flavors. Notes of peaches will also be evident as you sip on the elegant, pear-scented wine that is on the up and up!



The crisp white wine underdog sips like the more trendy white wines like Spanish Verdejo, Bordelais Sauvignon Blanc, and Austrian Grüner Veltliner. Need that glass of white wine with your savory fish dish? Put down the ever popular Sauvignon Blanc and give the rising star Arneis a try.



Emily HigginbothamComment