Roussanne: Blendable & Stand Alone Drinkable

Google Roussanne and you'll quickly find three things:

  • Often blended with Marsanne
  • Not easy to grow
  • France, oui oui

DNA results show there is a strong relationship between Roussanne and Marsanne- those names scream sister-sister if we don't say so ourselves! Roussanne, a powerful and acidic grape, is often blended with the sweet Marsanne grape to create a tasty still white wine that drives wine connoisseurs crazy. 

Small grapes packed with a punch! A spot of herbal tea, a floral bouquet, and sweet notes of honeysuckle will explode as you sip the wine from one of the most important grapes of the Rhône Valley.

France's Rhône Valley is the famous location of the sister-grape Roussanne. However, the a few states have picked up interest in growing the grape including California, Washington, and Oregon. Italy, Portugal, and Greece also grow the grape in limited quantities. 

Next time you are craving a wine bursting with floral flavors and crisp citrus acidity, try something less trendy than the Pinot Gris on your shelf and a little easier to pronounce that Rías Baixas. Pop open a bottle of the sister grape Roussanne and let us know what you think!