Josh's Friendly DST Reminder

Whether you love it or hate it, Daylight Saving Time is here! 

Goodbye extra sun, hello extra sleep. Cheers to the day we “fall back” in more ways than just setting our clocks back: We fall back into the same 3 cozy sweaters because it’s always dark and cold outside; we fall back asleep (again) because adjusting to a new sleep schedule is tricky; and we fall back on our priorities like finishing that report because it’s dark outside and that means it’s Netflix time.

Daylight Saving (yes, it is technically "saving" sans the "S") Time has been a polarizing topic since it was first proposed by Mr. Benjamin Franklin himself in this essay written in 1794 (check out full essay here). On the surface, saving daylight sounds like a genius plan, but according to some, it turned out to be pretty big “Got Ya” moment. 

Now, only 40% of the world uses DST (70 countries) while countless others have either stopped observing it or never observed it in the first place. Arizona and Hawaii have opted out of the Uniform Time Act of 1966 that mandated DST and even created a trendy hashtag for the rebellious act: #LockTheClock.

Regardless of if you love it or hate it, Daylight Saving Time is here to stay (for now, at least). And like the silver-lining folks we are, American’s have found reasons to smile despite (or because of depending on your perspective) DST. Like spending an extra hour at the bar that closes at 2:00am. Or getting a chuckle from these crazy stories like these time traveling twin births or the man who avoided the Vietnam War draft because of his time of birth.  

Here's a reminder from our sommelier Josh of Josh Likes Wine to turn your clocks back one hour this Sunday. Ps. be sure to have an extra cup of coffee on hand- we suspect we'll be needing a whole pot. 


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