Josh Likes Wine Spittin' Sommelier Style

Sommeliers train to identify wines, articulate their aromas and flavors, and help we simple wine lovers have the best possible wine experience. By pairing the perfect glass with each meal, no matter how ridiculous (like Cheetos), we have sommeliers to thank for our amazing wine moments. But did you know sommeliers work hard for more than just the skills necessary to drink the wine? Sommelier's learn and perfect a special skill that keeps them afloat when tasting 100+ wines. 

The secret: spitting. 

We know it might sound sacrilegious- spitting out the wine you're supposed to be tasting, but according to our sommelier Josh of Josh Likes Wines, it's flattering to the winemaker when you spit into the bucket. It's a way to say, "I appreciate your work with these wines so much that I want to be fresh (and sober) while tasting them." 

Mastering the sommelier spit is no simple feat. Sommeliers admit to practicing with everything from juice to water and everywhere from the shower to their nighttime routine of brushing their teeth. The ease at which sommeliers spit can make it seem like it just happens that way naturally; but, as you can see in this video of our sommelier Josh teaching our friend Emily to spit, the graceful sommelier fountain doesn’t happen in one lesson.

Watch as Josh gives Emily a few tips to help achieve the sommelier spit in (hopefully) a handful of lessons. And as a gentle reminder to all viewers, you don’t have to spit like a pro to enjoy wine like a winner. Unless you’re tasting enough wines to make you lose count, just grab a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy each swig!

A huge thanks to Josh from Josh Likes Wine for the helpful tips and to Emily for fearlessly attempting the sommelier spit. Cheers fellow wine lovers!