iOS11: Celebrate (or Mourn) With These Wine Pairings

One week ago today, the iPhone and iPod users around the word were split into two camps: those that bravely downloaded iOS11 and those that waited to hear from their friends if it crashed all apps. Whatever camp you were in, chances are you are now running on the newest i(Phone or Pad) operating system.

The new update brings augmented reality and professional capabilities to your thumbs. Siri has been transformed into a less-robotic, bilingual helper as she translates any phrase into any language. And if posting stories on Instagram or Snapchat wasn’t enough, you can now use Animoji’s to make your face a pile of talking poop.

And while those two camps of early adopters or wait-and-see-ers have been merged, there is another division: those raising a glass to cheers to the Apple team and those pouring glass number 3 ready to pull their hair out because of the upgrade. So whether you’re pouring to celebrate or to mourn, here are three wines to pair with three iOS 11 updates.  


iOS 11 Update: Revamped app store
Wine Pairing: Underwood Rosé Canned Wine (Oregon)

Apple claims the improved app store has been redesigned from the ground up to help you “discover new apps and games you can’t live without.” This new way of shopping, complete with digital bells and whistles, has us reminiscing on the new and improved way to drink wine- from a can. Oregon’s Underwood Rosé, with it’s chrome can and bright pink accents, conjures up those same feelings of digital bells and whistles. Pop open the can on this dry and medium-bodied wine for scents of dried herbs and watermelon. The novelty of Apple’s new App Store and canned wine make for a virtually addicting pairing. (Disclaimer: drinking while browsing the iOS11 App Store may lead to unwanted purchases. Continue with caution.)


iOS 11 Update: Live photos
Wine Pairing: Villa Sandi Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut (Veneto, Italy)

Round and round again- the live photos update turns your still photos into a never-ending circle. More “expressive, creative, and just plain fun,” the update allows your camera to capture images and transform them into captivating loops. Round loops and just plain fun has us craving a glass of bubbly. Cheers to the looping fun with Villa Sandi Valdobbiadene Prosecco. Full of fantastically green fruit, freshness and pear flavors, opening this wine or filming the bubbles in your glass will make for the perfect image to start your Live Photos Looping collection.


iOS11 Update: Apple Pay to Messages
Wine Pairing: Bedrock 2015 "Drummond's Cuvée" Petite Sirah (California)

Apple’s update is all about the ease and this new feature makes sending money- and receiving it- as easy a downing a bottle of wine after a long week. Now, as simply as you can text Bae that it’s wine time, you can text your BFFL a request for last nights late-night takeout. The ease of money transfer makes us think that gathering your friends to splurge on that expensive bottle and splitting the cost is totally worth it. Go ahead, order that Bedrock 2015 "Drummond's Cuvée" Petite Sirah for $54. You’ll get a delightfully heavy scent of brambly fruit, oak, and earthiness that will make you forget that your squad owes you- until the next morning.