Top 8 Halloween Costumes with Wine Pairings for 2017

Pumpkins transforming into Jack-O-Lanterns. Ghost shaped chocolates and candies tempting you at every turn. Costume and makeup ideas moving from Pinterest boards to real life. Halloween hype is here.

2017 has been a year for the books, but with each sensational event comes a silver lining - the possibility for another clutch Halloween costume. We’re preparing to see the classics on the streets - shoutout to you Dorothy & your red shoes, but we are also ready to see these top 8 costumes of the year according to Brit + Co. Thanks to Hollywood, this year is going to yield fewer red shoes for more red hair and red bathing suits and fewer spots on dalmatians for more spots on giraffes.

So as you’re “adulting” this Halloween, here are the top 8 costumes of 2017 paired with our top 8 wines to ensure your transformation process from peon to princess or regular human to hippie is just as fun (if not more) than your Halloween adventure.


Costume: Pennywise the Dancing Clown
Wine: Site Wine Co. 2014 Syrah, Bien Nacido Vineyard (Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara, California)

1 clown, 2 clown, red clown, Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
The 2017 onscreen adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel will have Pennywise popping up everywhere. Bill Skarsgard, a Swedish actor who looks much better without the clown mask on, is the perfect mixture of crooked and creepy to boost this top ranked horror movie of the year. If you’re braving the time commitment to transform into the iconic clown, try opening a bottle of Site Wine Co’s 2014 Syrah. Dark and inky flavors along with the perfect amount of black pepper counter with the sweet bitterness. As sommelier Emily O’Hare says, “Syrah is a creepy red  … If Shyraaaaa doesn’t make you think of curvy claws for fingernails and bald heads, then there is something terribly wrong.”


Costume: Stranger Things - Eleven
Wine: Royal Tokaji 2015 “The Oddity” Dry Tokaji (Tokaji, Hungary)

Season 1 of Stranger Things blew our minds and we’re all expecting the same of season 2. With the anticipation building, prepare to see (far more than 11) Elevens this Halloween. A young girl born with many psychokinetic abilities, raised and experimented on in a lab, and with powers that are cringeworthy, Eleven is what we’d call...unique. For this costume pairing, we’re celebrating strange wines of Royal Tokaji made from the rare Furmint grape. Steel and lime zest scents meet zappy orange and electric flavors for a completely unique experience as you transform from a ten to Eleven herself.


Costume: Beauty and the Beast - Belle
Wine: Travaglini 2010 Gattinara (Piedmont, Italy)

Emma Watson’s charming performance in the elaborate 2017 adaptation of the Disney classic will lead to many “Beauties” this Halloween. The enchanting story of delicate grace colliding with beastly power is a story ever told - even in the wine world. If you are donning the yellow ball gown this Halloween, enjoy a class of Gattinara. Made from Nebbiolo grapes, the wine is the wine version of beauty and beast as tar and roses collide with hints of black tea (shout out to you, Mrs. Potts!)


Costume: A Giraffe
Wine: Wiston Estate 2013 “South Downs Cuvée” Brut (West Sussex, England)

The classic animal onesie will never go out of style, but this year the onesie of choice eliminates the need for stilts to transform you into an adorable giraffe. With that height, up to 20 feet, it’s clear these giant creatures are the real life Raven Symone’s gazing into the future. If you’re suiting up in the comfy costume this year, we suggest trying Winston Estate’s 2013 Cuvée Brut. The newer English sparkling wine is rapidly-growing due to climate change making the area warm enough to grow grapes. Expect a yeasty smell with some green apple and cinnamon notes shining as bright as your mom says your future is (thanks, mom!)


Costume: Wonder Woman
Wine: Corison 2012 “Kronos” Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa, California)

Question: Who runs the world?
*Cue Beyoncé.
Answer: Girls
This year, Wonder Woman stole the show as a lady-led crew dominated the film industry. Put lead actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins, who is the first female director of a major superhero film, together and you have women empowerment reaching unparalleled heights. If you’re cheersing to the ladies this Halloween, we’ve got one more for you: Cathy Corison. Referred to as “The Female Clark Kent of Napa Cabernet” by Eater, Corison’s 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon breaks all the cab sauv rules but comes out victorious as flavors of dark fruit, chocolate-covering, and floral citrus take over your taste buds.


Character: Game of Thrones - Khaleesi
Wine: Proidl 2012 "Reserve" Riesling, Ried Ehrenfels (Kremstal, Niederösterreich, Austria)

This game changing HBO series just ended it’s 7th season and while everyone waits for season eight, Khaleesis will be running rampant this Halloween. This powerful princess in pursuit of her throne is the picture of beauty and strength with an interesting balance of vulnerability that leads to an addicting storyline. Fearless with dragons, she is inexperienced and tentative with war tactics. We’re pairing this fantasy superstar with Proidl 2012 “Reserve” Riesling. This interesting wine is the perfect balance of strong floral and citrus flavors with a light hint of meatiness. These delicate flavors dance along with the weighty meat flavors to makes this the perfect Game of Thrones wine for Halloween 2017.  


Costume: Baywatch - Lifeguard
Wine: Domaine des Quatres Routes 2016 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine (Loire Valley, France)

NBC’s 1989 original was revamped this year with star-studded cast with Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, and Alexandra Daddario. While the movie was not a hit, the iconic red swimsuit will be this Halloween. So if you’re braving the summer bod in autumn, pair your pursuits with this Muscadet. Usually known to have scents of sea-spray or oyster, this wine is full of ripe pear and soft warm tones that will make your Halloween adventure feel like a warm summer’s breeze.  And word on this street is that this wine is becoming quite the “sexy” wine - perfect for Baywatch admirers.  


Costume: A hippie
Wine: Frank Cornelissen 2014 “Contadino” (Sicily, Italy)

History repeats itself - and once again the 1960’s inspired “hippie” is top of the Halloween charts. Add a little peace, sprinkle in an ounce of love, and drag out your tie-dye shirt with bell bottom jeans and you’ve got your tried and true Halloween costume. Use your free spirit and celebration of natural lifestyle and pop open the 2014 “Contadino” from vintner Frank Cornelissen. Famous for producing “natural” wines, Cornelissen captures the free spirit of the hippie in the medium-bodied wine with flavors of bacon, blueberry and burnt broccoli showing up in each sip.

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