Drinking Games: Wine Roulette

With Fall season comes back to school, college football, and drinking games! If you're not into beer or just want to play drinking games with your pinky out, check out our sommelier Josh's wine drinking game- Wine Roulette. 

Grab 6 cards, dice, your favorite wine, and a liquor. Pour 5 glasses of the delicious wine and 1 glass of the liquor. Mix them all up. Place the glasses on the cards and roll the dice. Whatever number the dice lands on is the glass you drink. Whoever rolls the dice and drinks the glass with the liquor in it loses (or wins? Depends on your definitions...) And there you have it- a normal drinking game turned vino! 

We used a German Reisling and a Vermouth. Let us know what your wine & surprising liquor combo is! 

Emily HigginbothamComment