Best of 2017

We, along with everyone else, are chucking up the deuces to 2017 and waiting to greet 2018 in style. As someone famous, yet unknown, once said, "I have decided that this will be a ridiculously amazing year."
We couldn't agree more. 

So as we celebrate new beginnings, we look back on our favorite and most popular moments to reminisce on the good and prepare to truly make 2018 the best year yet. Here are our top 5 moments of 2017:

1. Josh Likes Wine Live: Does Helium Wine Really Work?

When videos of helium-infused beer and wine went viral, our team of scientists and sommeliers turned into a team of myth busters. With a helium infuser, white wine, an analytical chemist, and a sommelier on hand, we set out to discover the truth behind the magic potion once and for all. 

2. 7 "Pinterest Fail" Free Cork Ideas


We thought this was a good one, and so did all of you! In fact, nearly 4,500 friends thought this was our best Pin on our Pinterest and followed it to the blog post to see other handy tricks for recycling corks! 

Drinking Games: Wine Roulette

JLW Promo Images-11.jpg

This year, Josh Likes Wine Live started a Drinking Games Series that has been a blast! One of our most popular wine drinking game was Wine Roulette. Five wine glasses filled with a delicious white wine, 1 wine glass filled with bitter Vermouth. Roll the dice and drink up! 

Wine Pairings to Survive Family Time This Thanksgiving

druncle jpg.jpg

This year we learned we were not alone in the subtle dread and anxiety of the holiday season spent with family. From the nosey aunt who has to know every detail of your life to the traveling cousin that makes you feel terrible about your 9-5, we had alcohol pairings for the whole family. 

Top 8 Halloween Costumes with Wine Pairings for 2017


Thank goodness for Halloween- a chance to fulfill our childhood dream of being Wonder Woman or a giraffe. We took Brit & Co's top 8 Halloween costumes for the year and paired them with wines to help your transformation into your costume of choice be as fun as the night ahead. 

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